Dubli – Is it the King of all Scams?

What is Dubli?

Dubli claims to be the the world’s largest e-commerce direct selling company.

The idea behind it is that it creates a group  of retailers in one large online shopping mall, and in return for the increased traffic that that should bring them, the retailers give %discounts to the customers.

In order to get there discounts, customers can join on three levels:

  1. Free  –            Discounts range from 0.2% to around 6.5%
  2. Premium – $4.95/month.        Discounts are slightly more
  3. VIP           – $99/year.               Discounts range from 0.9% to 15%*

They claim that some discounts are up to 70%, but the highest one I found was 24% and that was for a motor bike! Most tend to be around 6-9%.

So far so good?

You probably think that sounds quite good.

Well, let’s see. Continue reading “Dubli – Is it the King of all Scams?”

Multi Level Marketing – Is it Legit?

Multi Level Marketing

Multi Level Marketing
Multi Level Marketing

Multi Level Marketing is something which you will often come across if you are working in online marketing.

But what is it?

There are many definitions of Multi Level Marketing available online. Many of them are geared towards the particular MLM which is looking for recruits and will make it appear to be all things to all men, as it were. Continue reading “Multi Level Marketing – Is it Legit?”