Best Ways To Get Free Help Starting Business Online.

Best Ways To Get Free Help Starting Business Online

If you are looking for the very best ways to get free help starting business online, you have found it! I am in absolutely no doubt about this! You will want to read to the end of this post to find out why! Put away your credit card and read on!

When I was searching for just that, “Best ways to get free help starting Business Online” I was lucky enough to find a link to Wealthy Affiliate University, and I have never looked back! And I really hope that you will also consider yourself lucky to have found your way here!

Quite simply, Wealthy Affiliate University provides the very best training that it is possible to find anywhere on every aspect of Online Marketing that you could ever wish or need to know. It has taught me everything that I now know about Internet Marketing, including the building and running of this website!

You could in fact pay many thousands of dollars for training which is vastly inferior to Wealthy Affiliate’s, and sadly many people who have not been as lucky as you in finding it, frequently do so.

And a large number of those people will find that they have been scammed. If you are being asked to get out your credit card and pay up-front when you don’t really know what you will be getting, then my strong advice is to step away from it. I should know – it has happened to me in the past!

So put your credit card away! 

crossed out image of credit cards

You can join Wealthy Affiliate and start your training absolutely free! Simply click on the link above and fill in the simple form.

Once you join Wealthy Affiliate for Free you will have unlimited free access to the following classrooms for as long as you like. If you click on them you will see all the lessons that are included in the courses:

Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started

best ways to get free help starting business

Also Included in the Free Membership are:

  • 2 Free Websites
  • Training on how to use WordPress
  • Website Back-up
  • Video Walkthroughs
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Affiliate Program
  • Earn While You Learn
  • 1-to-1 Coaching – for the first 7 days

There simply are no other online training courses where you can join and get free training and have the chance to look around on the inside to be completely sure that the training is a good fit for you!

I am quite sure that you will agree that Wealthy Affiliate is indeed one of the very best ways to get free help starting business online – in fact it is the best!

Frequently Asked Questions

Two questions which are frequently asked by new members are :

  • How long does it take to earn money with Wealthy Affiliate?
  • Can free members earn money with Wealthy Affiliate?

To answer theses questions I cannot do better than to refer you to a post written by one of Wealthy Affiliate’s successful members. He explains it very clearly, you can see it here

Once you have joined

and started the training, you may decide that you would like to become a Premium member, which does carry a modest monthly cost. But of course you are perfectly free to remain a Free member for as long as you wish.

The following comparison table show you the extra benefits which Premium members get:

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options

As you can see, you have access to far more training as a Premium member, but in my opinion one of the biggest advantages is the ability to ask any question you wish whenever you wish. The Wealthy Affiliate community is the most helpful I have ever come across, always ready to help and encourage and answer questions. You can also directly message any of the experts wishing Wealthy Affiliate, including the founders, Kyle and Carson, and they are more than willing to help you.

In fact, the Wealthy Affiliate community is like the best social networking site you can imagine, with a positive attitude within a scam-free and spam-free zone!

So Is Wealthy Affiliate For You?

If you are looking for a “done for you” Get Rich Quick scheme, then definitely NO!! 


  • If you are ready to take control of your life
  • If you are prepared to take the time and effort which is necessary to succeed
  • If you are open to really learning how to start an Online Business in the correct way

then definitely YES!! You are obviously the kind of person who will benefit enormously from joining Wealthy Affiliate!

Here you can find out more about Wealthy Affiliate.

You are welcome to check out my Wealthy Affiliate profile too.

It is so important that when you are starting an Online Business, you go the right way about it. The expert training at Wealthy Affiliate shows you exactly how to do that step by step. Since it began doing this in 2005, it has trained hundreds of thousands of successful Online Marketers who are now making a substantial income online.

See what one successful member  22 year old Colton, has to say about his achievement after just nine months with Wealthy Affiliate.

But it is equally important to realise that Wealthy Affiliate is not a “get rich quick” opportunity – in fact, those are a myth, and if that is what you are looking for I am sorry to tell you that this is no place for you!

You need to follow the training step by step in the order in which it is presentedhelping step by step

and then go and put into action what you have learned. If you can do that, then there is absolutely no reason why you cannot be successful!

I very much look forward to meeting you when you join Wealthy Affiliate to find the very best ways to get free help starting business online, and I will contact you almost immediately to help you to find your way around and meet the great community.

Get started here

If you have any further questions or comments, please do leave them in the box below, and I will be very happy to answer you as soon as I possibly can.

Many thanks for stopping by

best ways to get free help starting business



6 thoughts on “Best Ways To Get Free Help Starting Business Online.”

  1. Hi Chrissie,
    I had a very similar story. As I kept searching on how to get free help starting a business online I was always landing on sites that asked for money upfront. Even though I searched for the term of free help.
    Then one day I was search and roaming the internet for something completely different I landed on someone’s blog providing information about my search subject.
    As he was providing some great information about that subject he mentioned how he was making a living online and used Wealthy Affiliate.
    I decided to take a look, signed up for the free membership to start but it didn’t take me long to sign-up as a Premium member. The rest, as they say, is history. I’ve been a member there for over 2 years now and there is no looking back.
    I decided that today was the day I do something…and I did!
    You covered many parts of what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer but the only way people can truly know what they can do for them is to sign up and try it for themselves.

    1. I completely agree with you Paul, the only way to find out about what Wealthy Affiliate really is
      is indeed to join free and find out! One thing I really like is that no one will ever ask you for
      money so that if you wish to remain a free member, then you can for as long as you wish!
      That one thing alone makes it stand out among all other places which offer training, but are
      really just after your money!
      Of course you will get more out of it if you do become a Premium member, but it is perfectly
      possible to build a business as a free member.
      I have been a member for over two years now just as you have, and I have never ever regretted it
      for a moment – it is just such a great place to be!
      Very many thanks for your comment
      Chrissie 🙂

  2. Hey Chrissie,
    After being scammed numerous times, like you I was lucky enough to stroll across Wealthy Affiliate, it’s one heck of a deep hole trying to find a genuine way to earn an income online. Affiliate marketing sounded a bit archaic initially however I was ignorant to understand this type of system’s true benefits, they are huge if you are committed to learn & implement what’s taught.

    I enrolled on their free starter course to understand this type of business, ask questions to members and receive honest answers plus it provides a thorough insight into how genuine Wealthy Affiliate are and how legitimate this style of business is.

    Best described as a try before you buy approach with no commitments plus if you join premium there’s no ties nor contracts, you can cancel at any time which gave me peace of mind.

    It’s the most cost effective way to run a business compared with the traditional style yet like anything genuine it requires determination to succeed.
    How long have you been with Wealthy Affiliate?

    1. Hi Simon

      I do so agree with everything you say.

      Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal – no scamming or spamming anywhere in sight,and such a positive and helpful community. If anyone cannot succeed here then I very much doubt that they will succeed anywhere!! As you say, it is all down to you and your commitment and determination to succeed, and if you have that then you will succeed.

      As to cost effectiveness, you are so right! We can run a website for as little as the domain fee of about $13 with no hosting fees, and can have up to 25 ,com websites and 25 free websites, and if you have 3 websites or more then the savings there have covered your fees at Wealthy Affiliate!

      I wish you every success, and many thanks for your comment

      Chrissie 🙂

  3. Hi Chrissies,
    I love your article on starting an online business. You covered everything. I also love your website design and the images are pretty cool too. I find myself fortunate to have found Wealthy Affiliate. The success story you have about one of the members is just awesome! Keep up the great work!
    Kind Regards,

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