What Is Great About WA? Why Wealthy Affiliate Is So Different!

what is great about WA

What is great about WA?

When I try to think about what is great about WA, the only problem I have is where to start!!

Wealthy Affiliate is crammed with so much excellent and brilliant training on all aspects of Online and Affiliate Marketing!

  • The Certification Courses are at the root of the training at Wealthy Affiliate.
  • These consist of five Certification Courses and seven Bootcamp courses: a total of 120 lessons in total. They all have  tasks to complete at the end of each lesson, all of which help you to progress in the building of your website and your business.
  • There is a massive library of trainings by experienced members, often designed to answer questions which have been asked by the Community. Here is a link to a training which I created in response to questions from new members:
  • Also there is a weekly Webinar on topical aspects of websites and marketing, and recordings of these are also stored in a library accessible to all members at any time.

When I first started at WA

I knew absolutely nothing that I really needed to know on the subject of building and running a Website, let alone how to monetise it; but in a few short months I have learnt so very much. That includes how to create a website on WordPress (this one) from scratch, and how to use it!!

The Wealthy Affiliate  Community is like no other I have ever come across!

How shall I describe it?

Well, imagine Facebook BUT…….
  • Without any negative comments
  • All the members try to help one another whenever they can
  • All questions are helpfully answered
  • There is no spamming, no links to outside “opportunities” , and  no scamming
  • All the members really care about each other
  • There is an air of positivity and optimism
  • All the members are trying to reach their full potential
  • There is a great Learning atmosphere

No, it really isn’t like Facebook at all!! But there are certain vague similarities, such as the following one…..

Take “Live Chat”, for example….

Wealthy Affiliate has Live Chat available to members 24/7. And it really is live. Here is an example from today:

what is great about WA
Snippet of Live Chat

Doesn’t sound much like Facebook, does it?

Then there is the opportunity to ask any questions and get a helpful reply!

WA members come from all over the world, so whatever time of day it is, there is always someone who will help with anything that is puzzling you.

My question was:

My question to the Wealthy Affiliate Community

These are just some of the answers I received, and they solved my problem!

Answers to my question

Where else could you get such great help on any topic you choose? I would be very interested to know if you can tell me anywhere!

Here is what you get in the first level Certification Training Course:

Getting Started
First Certification Course
Details of lessons
Course Benefits and Learning Outcomes
Benefits of the Course
And here are some testimonials from members who have taken the course:
Opinions of Members

Those give you just a tiny taste of some Members’ opinions about what is great about WA!

For a more comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate, click here

How much do you Have To Pay For All This?

It is bound to be far more than I can afford, you may think.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

There are two Membership levels:
  1. Free

    Yes, I do mean FREE!!

Most people who join Wealthy Affiliate start at this level

Free Members have access to all of the Wealthy Affiliate platform for their first seven days. After that time their access is limited unless they upgrade to Premium Membership.

Free members get access to the first Certification course as shown above, and to the first Bootcamp Course, and can remain as Free Members for as long as they wish.

Premium Membership

Cost: $19 for the first month, then $49 per month or $359 per year

Here is a chart showing the difference between Free and Premium Membership:

Starter v Premium Membership
Membership Options

That is it.

There are no other upgrades, and you will never ever be asked for any more money than that – that is guaranteed.

 My Own Experience of what is Great About WA!

When I first became a Member of Wealthy Affiliate, I really knew nothing about Online and Affiliate Marketing. Although I had been an Affiliate of a company and I had a website, I really didn’t know what I was doing.

Someone else had set up that website for me, and I never really did anything with it because I had no-one to explain what I should do!

So Wealthy Affiliate’s brilliant Training has taught me everything I now know – how to build and run this website amongst so many other things. And I still have so much more to learn!

When you are building a website, there are always questions which you need to ask, and within Wealthy Affiliate there is always someone to help you. That is completely invaluable!

So Why Is WA Different?

I hope that what you have seen here has answered that question, but to sum up:

  • There is absolutely nowhere that you could find better training in all aspects of Internet Marketing.
  • You will learn all that you will ever need to know in order to make a success of your business.
  • I have seen other inferior training advertised which costs up to many thousands of dollars!
  • The Wealthy Affiliate Community is unique in that it is so caring and helpful to other Members.
  • However much experience or lack of it you have, you will definitely gain more from Wealthy Affiliate.
  • You get the chance to have a thorough look around on the inside before you decide if it is for you – there is no other place which offers that!
  • Hundreds of thousands of successful Marketers who have learned through Wealthy Affiliate cannot all be wrong!!!!!
  • It is a completely scam-free and spam-free zone – you can concentrate on the training without other people EVER trying to persuade you to try anything else!!
  • There is only one upgrade – to Premium- and you will never be hassled to upgrade.
  • Free Website Hosting which is the very best which you can find anywhere! There is 24/7 Support which means you won’t have to wait for ever for some help if you need it! And by having your website hosted at Wealthy Affiliate, you will save up to $110 per year which you would have to pay to have your site hosted anywhere else! So if you have several websites ( and you can have up to 25 should you wish) – well, I’m sure you can work out what you would save!
  • AND    All websites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate now have the choice to have  a Free SSL Certificate, which means that they have complete security for any financial transactions. They have HTTPS before the name of the website rather than the usual HTTP. This means that their sites are more trusted, and it helps them to rank more highly within Google as well, and is a great  innovation at WA.
  • Wealthy Affiliate continuously adds new features designed to help its members and their websites.

For more information about the advantages of having an SSL Certificate and exactly what it is, you can see the explanation from Carson, the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate.

The very best way to find out what is great about WA…..

is to join as a Free Member and take your time to look around and see if it would be a good fit for you. No one will ever hassle you to upgrade if you don’t want to, or feel you are not ready, so you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

To register as a Free Member, click here, and I look forward to really meeting you properly within Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have any other questions or comments I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to leave them in the comments section at the bottom of this page, and I will get back to you just as soon as I possible can.

Many thanks for dropping by, and I hope you will do so again.


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22 thoughts on “What Is Great About WA? Why Wealthy Affiliate Is So Different!”

  1. What a great read, thanks. You can tell you genuinely feel this is the best training platform available. Reading your review is like a breath of fresh air, to finally read a review that tells me everything I need to get online and learn how to create a website that I can earn an income from. I have spent years searching and just kept coming across scam after scam. Each time they instantly asked for money from me and I didn’t get much back in return. Looking forward to giving wealthy affiliate a try, thanks again for sharing this with me.

    1. Hi Graham

      Many thanks for dropping by.

      I am so very happy that you liked what you read, and I’m sure that you will be
      equally happy with what you find within Wealthy Affiliate.

      I very much look forward to meeting you there, and I wish you the best of luck with your business.

      Very many thanks for your positive comments

      Chrissie 🙂

  2. This was another interesting story about something I didn’t know about. WA seems to be a great community, and very helpful. That’s nice. Apart from the online chat and the courses, how often are the trainings? In many companies like this (except for the price, which is exceptionally low in this case), are there weekly trainings to join, so you get to learn from real people, kind of live ones?

    I enjoy taking part in that kind of trainings, they are of unmeasurable value for doing anything online.

    Hope to hear from you 🙂

    1. Hi, many thanks for your comments.

      Yes, there certainly are weekly live trainings on a wide variety of subjects.
      Each training is followed by a live Q and Q session, where the members can ask any
      questions they may have with regard to the training.

      Even better, all of the trainings are recorded, so that even if you are not able to
      watch them live you can always watch them at a time convenient for you, which is great
      if you happen to live in a different time zone. And of curse they are always available
      should you need to refer back to them.

      I can’t repeat too many times that the Wealthy Affiliate training is incomparably good!!

      Very many thanks for dropping by,

      Chrissie 🙂

  3. I think you just sold me on the training part. I’ve been looking at some of your recommendations and it does sound like Wealthy Affiliate provides everything under one roof. I read your other posts as well and to read this last one, wow – is this for real? Free website, support, training – it makes for a good reason to check this program out. And I wouldn’t mind at all paying a membership price if it gives me everything I need to make my website into a profitable business.

    Thanks for giving your personal experiences as well. It makes it real!

    1. Hi Cindy

      Thank you so much for your comments. Actually quite a number of people do ask if Wealthy Affiliate is for real, but it really is as good as it sounds, and truly lives up to our expectations.

      In fact, although you often told that if a thing sounds too good to be true, then its not true, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the exception which proves the rule!! Everything you read here is absolutely true, and tens, if not hundreds of thousands of successful marketers just can’t be wrong!! And they are not!!

      I can guarantee that once you check the program out, you will love it as much as all the members do, and I can also guarantee that they will give you a very warm welcome. I look forward to meeting you properly there.

      Very many thanks for dropping by

      Chrissie 🙂

  4. Hi Chrissie,

    The WA community sounds great. You mentioned above that there are five certification courses and 7 boot camp courses. That is a LOT of training. How long does it take to get through the courses? At what point in the training will you be able to start earning money? I hope this question makes sense.

    Thank you in advance,

    1. Hi Sondra

      There certainly is a lot of training!

      It is not really possible to say how long it takes, as everyone is free
      to work at their own pace. The more time you have for the training, the
      quicker you will get through it.

      Once you have built your website and have content on it, then you can begin
      to start monetising it – you yourself will know when you are ready, and the
      training will show you when is the right time.

      I do hope this answers your questions.

      Many thanks for your comments,

      Chrissie 🙂

  5. I was looking around and found your post about Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been reading a lot it and your post confirms some of the things I’ve been reading about which is nice.

    The community really sounds like an active one. I’ve joined other programs before and never seem to find help or have a community where I can get help.

    Is it usual that people share their experiences and learn from each other? I hope it can be a place where I can get mentors.

    1. Hi Grace

      I can promise you that Wealthy Affiliate and the community will provide you
      with all the help you may need.

      People do indeed share their experiences and that does provide another learning
      opportunity, and with all the widely experienced members there, you will
      definitely be able to find a mentor – in fact, as many mentors as you need!

      I have never ever come across such a helpful and interactive community – it is like
      Facebook without any negativity.

      Very many thanks for your comments,

      Chrissie 🙂

  6. Hello there Chrissie,

    Oh wow, that’s all I can say.

    I read your article and kept looking for the ‘naysaying’ but I am still looking. This organization sounds like a great place to be and for such a reasonable price, in my opinion.

    The educational resources sound amazing and I love the 24/7 chat room that you illustrated. This resonates with me because I live in Europe and this company is based in Canada and of course, there is a big 6hour time difference which I need to be aware of…I might be working while that world is sleeping and need answers…lol

    I am going to check the company out some more, but so far, so good…I am more than impressed.

    Thank you for sharing and much success to you in your business.


    1. Hi Michelle

      Wealthy Affiliate really is an amazing community.
      There are members all over the world, so whatever time you are there
      you will always find plenty of other members present too.

      I also live in Europe, but the time zones never seem to be a problem.
      Even the “Live” trainings are recorded, so that you need never miss them,
      whatever time zone you are in.

      I will look out for you inside Wealthy Affiliate, and I really look forward
      to connecting with you.

      Very many thanks for your comments,

      Chrissie 🙂

  7. You really laid out a great case for Wealthy Affiliate. But like some of the other comments, I am concerned about any hidden fees that might be lurking behind the curtain. I have looked at other programs in the past and they always seem to have a catch. Constantly hitting you up for more money to progress through the program. Having said that, I think Wealthy Affiliate is worth a hard look.

    1. Hi Joe

      I can promise you that I have told you the facts about all the costs associated with
      Wealthy Affiliate.

      There are only two levels of membership:
      the FREE one which gives access to twenty lessons, plus the ability
      to build two free websites and the
      PREMIUM which gives you FULL access to everything that Wealthy Affiliate
      has to offer.

      You can see the details of everything that Wealthy Affiliate offers in the table in my post above.

      You will NEVER ever be asked for any more money in order to continue your training, and
      in addition you are able to EARN money by recommending the program.

      You should absolutely give Wealthy Affiliate a look – to do so will cost you nothing!!

      Many thanks for your comments

      Chrissie 🙂

  8. Hi Chrissie,

    This all sounds good (maybe too good). I have tried a number of online training programs, that only put money in the pocket of the provider. In most cases, the promised help was indeed only a promise and so you mentioning people all over the world that are willing to help with things that are puzzling you, is very refreshing. Before I take yet another plunge into online training and visit this site, how FREE is the free starter membership?

    Best regards


    1. Hi Sean

      The free starter membership is indeed free, and you can stay as a free member for as long as you wish. You get complete access to the whole site for seven days, which should give you long enough to be able to see if it is a good fit for you.

      After that time, the free membership gives you access to 20 of the lessons, which are sufficient to enable you to build your free websites (you may have 2) and to get them up and running.

      Whether or not you choose to upgrade to Premium level, which is the only upgrade there is) is completely up to you, and no one is going to turn you away if you wish to stay as a free member.

      Truly, there is nowhere else which will allow you to do this, and you will not get hassled to upgrade either! You will just get a couple of reminders, then that is it!! And if you should choose to upgrade further down the line, then that is fine too.

      I do hope that this reassures you.

      Many thanks for dropping by

      Chrissie 🙂

  9. Hi Chrissie,
    Are you sure this isn’t a scam? It sounds too good to be true!! This is like a University in itself. Trust me I have been around the Internet since Day 1 and I’ve not seen anything near to what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer in terms of setting up a website, offering training, classes etc. Lots of bells and whistles AND you’re saying I can try this for FREE!?! I will check out the Starter Membership as I’ve been looking for something like this – and with your post on Affiliate Marketing which I’ve just read, I can see that I’m onto something good.
    Thanks for this review!!

    1. Hi Jackie

      Not only is Wealthy Affiliate most definitely NOT a scam, but it is a 100% scam-free and spam-free zone!
      It is indeed very like a University!
      Absolutely everything I have said about it is absolutely true!

      And yes, you can most definitely try it out for free!

      You are right, we are all onto something good here – something unique and incomparable!
      I do hope that you will try it out – I will watch out for you there.

      Best wishes

      Chrissie 🙂

  10. What you said about Wealthy Affiliate is perfect. There’s just no other place like it online and the community within WA is the most helpful I have ever come across.

    I’m so glad that I joined Wealthy Affiliate and I have learned a lot, and it does make creating an online business exciting to do as you learn so much and what it takes to succeed. They tell you the truth and NEVER promise you’ll get rich quick, that it takes time, hard work and persistence that will pay off if you stick with it. Excellent article!

    1. Thank you so much Brian.

      You obviously feel the same way about Wealthy Affiliate as I do, and I completely agree with what you say.

      I just wish that we could spread the word more widely, as there must be so very many people who would benefit from it just as we have!

      Many thanks for your comment 🙂

  11. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone searching for a way to build a legitimate online business.

    Before I stumbled onto Wealthy Affiliate, I struggled with one warmed over method after another that I had paid too much money for. And I got scammed a few times too.

    All that changed when I joined Wealthy Affiliate. Finally, I could relax knowing I was in the right place and learning the most up to date strategies for online success. The results have been phenomenal.

    Three things make joining Wealthy Affiliate a no brainer. 1. The FREE Stater Membership. 2. A community infused with integrity. 3. Everyone wants to help you succeed.

    There is nothing like it on the internet. Once you go through the training and gain a little confidence, you’ll see new opportunities every day.

    1. What you say is absolutely true Gary, and I agree with your three great things about WA.

      Very many thanks for your great comment 🙂

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