How Can I Find A Good Free Autoresponder?

How Can I Find A Good  Free Autoresponder?

When starting out in online marketing, many people will ask the question “How can I find a good free autoresponder?”

But is that a good idea?

What Is An Autoresponder?

Every Online Marketer will tell you that in order to really succeed you must have an Email list. This is a list of people who have expressed an interest in what you are offering and have given you their email address in return for more information.

These people come from a variety of places. They may have visited your website because they saw something which you had posted on social media or because they found you on Google, or they may be responding to one of your adverts.

However they found you, these people are like gold dust! It is vitally important to regularly contact them with more information and offers based on the subject in which they originally expressed an interest.

This is where an Autoresponder Comes In!

When you have a number of people on your list, it is virtually impossible to write individual emails to each one of them, and Email providers will soon start to complain if you frequently send out bulk emails!

When you use an Autoresponder it is possible to write one email and send it out to as many people as you wish. You can also write a series of follow-up emails which can be sent on subsequent days, and you can specify the exact day and time of day when they are sent out.

Thus if people are responding to an offer, you can set up the Autoresponder to send out the offer as soon as the request is received, automatically, hence the name Autoresponder!

You can also design a form for people to fill in on your site which triggers the Autoresponder to send out the required information. You will be notified when the response is requested.

All of those things are obviously impossible without an Autoresponder.

There are many other uses for an Autoresponder which you will discover as you use it.

There are several autoresponders available. Probably the best known are Get Response and Aweber. Both of those do have a very good reputation, and will do the job well.


How Can I Find A Good Free Autoresponder And Is It Possible?

There are several free Autoresponders available, but be very careful which one you choose! Many of those are not easy to use and are not really adequate for the job.

In fact, some free autoresponders are not all they seem.

It has come to my attention that at least one of them will actually use your list to send their own messages – so please do be very wary!

In fact, I would strongly advise you to go for an established company, even if that does involve a fee.

I would recommend that you choose one which allows you to have a free trial, so that you can find your way round it before you need to start paying for it.

So Which Autoresponder Should I Choose?
Get Response

Get Response is a great Autoresponder.

It offers a free trial, and after that time it costs $15 per month, and this can be reduced even further if you pay for a period of either one or two years in advance. If you are in a position to do that, it can be a saving of up to 30%.

It also has a wide selection of Landing Pages, and tuition is provided to use those, and also of course in the use of the Autoresponder.

Click here to find out more about Get Response, and to start your free trial.



Aweber is an extremely good autoresponder.

Aweber is not the cheapest, but it  also offers a free trial, and it is easy to navigate and use. It is well established, and provides very good Email support if you have any problems.

It also provides tutorials which show you how to use it.

Click here to start your free Aweber trial

Mail chimp

I have used Mailchimp, and I can recommend it.  Mail chimp is not totally free, but it is a very good option for anyone just beginning to use an Autoresponder.

It allows you to have 2000 subscribers on your list before it is necessary to change to a paid account.

Click  here to go to the Mailchimp site and find out more.

Of course, there are many other Autoresponders available – far too many for me to list them all here.

But I am sure you will find that one of the ones which I have mentioned will suit your needs when you are first starting out.

How Do I Learn How To Use An Autoresponder?

I can definitely help you there.

To learn absolutely everything you need to start up, manage and monetise your website, join Wealthy Affiliate University as a Free member. To find out what Wealthy Affiliate University is, click here

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8 thoughts on “How Can I Find A Good Free Autoresponder?”

  1. This was very helpful as I have been looking for this bit of information. Quick question, Let’s say I want to use Mailchimp to start off but then later down the line when I get more subscribers, would I be able to transfer that list to another autoresponder if I wanted to?

    1. Hi Ian

      I am so happy that this was helpful to you.

      You should be able to transfer your list to another autoresponder,
      although in my limited experience it is not always as easy as it seems.

      I know that some autoresponders allow this, but many of them insist on
      sending emails to your subscribers asking them to re-subscibe, which is
      not always good for your list, although it would show you who were the
      keenest subscribers!

      I found that it was very easy to import subscribers to Aweber.

      I hope this answer helps you.

      The very best of luck in building your list, and many thanks for dropping by

      Chrissie 🙂

  2. Hi Chrissie –

    I read your post with interest as I’ve run into a bit of a problem integrating MailChimp with SiteRubix. MailChimp now requires you to validate your domain by editing your DNS record to add a small tag called an SPF and DKIM record (essentially to prove you have a right to send emails from that domain).

    SiteRubix doesn’t give you the ability to edit your DNS record (nor can the support staff help with this) so MailChimp for SiteRubix users is definitely a no-go.

    I’m not criticising SiteRubix – yes, this is a bit of an inconvenience but I’m looking into AWeber instead.

    It should be noted however – not having an SPF entry in your DNS table can cause your emails to be rejected by Hotmail servers.

    1. Hi Phil

      Yes, Siterubix does not allow you to have a specific business email, which can be a problem.

      I would recommend having another email which you use only for your business.
      I see you have a gmail address, which would work well for that.

      As I have said, I would definitely recommend using Aweber, as I find it is the
      easiest to use, and you would have no trouble integrating it with your own email.

      Very many thanks for your comments

      Chrissie 🙂

  3. MailierLite is not something I’ve come across before but it definitely sounds like a better deal than MailChimp.

    I have used the Aweber autoresponder in the past but I struggle with their outdated form builder templates.

    How is the user interface for MailerLite? I mean in terms of creating sign up forms and ease of use for putting them within your site?

    1. Mailerlite has all the features that Aweber has, the form builder is very similar, fairly plain, but easy to put on the website. It definitely is better than Mailchimp I think, fro what I have seen, but I personally only dabbled with that!! Are you using Mailchimp at present?

      I have not totally gone over to Mailerlite from Aweber, the main reason being that I use SumoMe, and last time I checked it was not possible to integrate those two!!.

      Many thanks for dropping by:)

  4. Hey Chrissie,
    This is a very good topic you’re touching on, how I wished I had come across this article sooner! I spent days finding the bets free autoresponder as there’s usually a catch if its free.

    I’ve used Mailchimp but there are just too many ads if we’re using it for free but personally I would still recommend it as it is actually quite easy to use and its professional too. Just sharing my 2 cents! Great article by the way!

    1. Hi Riaz

      Many thanks for your comments. I guess if you want one for free it isn’t always perfect, but it is a good service, and if you need to upgrade it is still quite a bit cheaper the the usual paid ones, and that gets rid of the adverts!!

      And once you have more that 2000 on your list then you can probably afford to pay for it!

      Many thanks for dropping by

      Chrissie 🙂

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