Wealthy Affiliate – My Personal Review

Why Wealthy Affiliate

Whether you are just starting out or if you have been working in online marketing for quite some time, Wealthy Affiliate has the most effective way to train you how to properly build your very own professional online business from scratch.

With the help of my friend we can demonstrate just how Wealthy Affiliate can offer you more than you could ever imagine.

Watch the video below as my friend Jerry demonstrates just what Wealthy Affiliate did for him and will do for you once you join our program.

Video Overview of what Wealthy Affiliate will do for you

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Best Ways To Get Free Help Starting Business Online.

Best Ways To Get Free Help Starting Business Online

If you are looking for the very best ways to get free help starting business online, you have found it! I am in absolutely no doubt about this! You will want to read to the end of this post to find out why! Put away your credit card and read on!

When I was searching for just that, “Best ways to get free help starting Business Online” I was lucky enough to find a link to Wealthy Affiliate University, and I have never looked back! And I really hope that you will also consider yourself lucky to have found your way here!

Quite simply, Wealthy Affiliate University provides the very best training that it is possible to find anywhere on every aspect of Online Marketing that you could ever wish or need to know. It has taught me everything that I now know about Internet Marketing, including the building and running of this website!

You could in fact pay many thousands of dollars for training which is vastly inferior to Wealthy Affiliate’s, and sadly many people who have not been as lucky as you in finding it, frequently do so.

And a large number of those people will find that they have been scammed. If you are being asked to get out your credit card and pay up-front when you don’t really know what you will be getting, then my strong advice is to step away from it. I should know – it has happened to me in the past!

So put your credit card away! 

crossed out image of credit cards

You can join Wealthy Affiliate and start your training absolutely free! Simply click on the link above and fill in the simple form.

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What Is Great About WA? Why Wealthy Affiliate Is So Different!

What is great about WA?

When I try to think about what is great about WA, the only problem I have is where to start!!

Wealthy Affiliate is crammed with so much excellent and brilliant training on all aspects of Online and Affiliate Marketing!

  • The Certification Courses are at the root of the training at Wealthy Affiliate.
  • These consist of five Certification Courses and seven Bootcamp courses: a total of 120 lessons in total. They all have  tasks to complete at the end of each lesson, all of which help you to progress in the building of your website and your business.
  • There is a massive library of trainings by experienced members, often designed to answer questions which have been asked by the Community. Here is a link to a training which I created in response to questions from new members:
  • Also there is a weekly Webinar on topical aspects of websites and marketing, and recordings of these are also stored in a library accessible to all members at any time.

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What Is Wealthy Affiliate University About?

Wealthy Affiliate banner

What Is Wealthy Affiliate University About?

If you have been working online at all, you may have seen questions asking what is Wealthy Affiliate University about.

I would first of all refer you to my review of Wealthy Affiliate here

But in this post I am going to go into more detail in answer to the question

“What is Wealthy Affiliate University About?”

Wealthy Affiliate University has been established for about ten years now, and has been responsible for teaching many tens of thousands of members how to create successful Online Businesses.

It is a completely scam-free and spam-free community of like-minded entrepreneurs and those in the process of learning how to be entrepreneurs. This community is the most helpful, supportive and caring community I have ever come across. There is no competitiveness involved. Each member is there for the same purpose – to learn for themselves, and to help and support other members with their learning.

The expert training offered is second to none; in fact there is no doubt that even if you were to spend many $1000s you would not find better training anywhere else online.

In short, this is what you will learn:

Steps to creating success

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