How Can I Find A Good Free Autoresponder?

How Can I Find A Good  Free Autoresponder?

When starting out in online marketing, many people will ask the question “How can I find a good free autoresponder?”

But is that a good idea?

What Is An Autoresponder?

Every Online Marketer will tell you that in order to really succeed you must have an Email list. This is a list of people who have expressed an interest in what you are offering and have given you their email address in return for more information.

These people come from a variety of places. They may have visited your website because they saw something which you had posted on social media or because they found you on Google, or they may be responding to one of your adverts.

However they found you, these people are like gold dust! It is vitally important to regularly contact them with more information and offers based on the subject in which they originally expressed an interest.

This is where an Autoresponder Comes In!

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