Website building FREE – and so Easy!


Website building FREE – and so Easy!


Why Build a Website

www.your website

You may find the idea of actually building a Website very daunting, but it is much easier to start building a website for FREE than most people think!  And you can do it all yourself! That is, as long as you have some help!

A website is essential if you wish to build a successful business.  It provides your business with a shop window where your prospective audience/customers may see what it is that you have to offer, and it gives your audience a way to find you.

Watch the video below to see how my friend Lisa found the help that she needed for FREE.

Of course, you will need help.

Many website creators will charge you a great deal for their services, but there is absolutely no need to part with your money in order to get this done.

Before you start building your website you need to decide what niche you want your business to be in.

A niche is the area that you want to promote: something that really interests you, that you have a passion for. Your business will get far better results if you choose to work in an area that you are really interested in. This will reflect in everything you say about it, and your visitors will be able to sense your enthusiasm and share it with you.

You then need to choose a domain name. The name of a website will normally end in .com or .net or something similar, for example your  

Choose your domain name carefully because once you have chosen it you will not be able to change it. Choose a name which reflects the niche which you have chosen.

For example, if your niche was about losing weight, you could choose, although I am sure that you could come up with a better name than that!

Hosting your website

at your website

You will of course need to get your site hosted.  Website hosts deal with all the technical stuff involved in setting up websites.

There are many hosts to choose from, such as  Hostgator and Godaddy, but I can tell you from personal experience that these incur a considerable cost.

Their hosting will typically cost you at least $10 every month, and once you have your hosting it is left to you to set it up.  That requires technical skill.

Previously, I paid someone to set up my website for me.

They  installed my site on WordPress, which is the chosen platform for the majority of websites. They also installed  various plug-ins. That cost almost $300, as at that time I did not have the technical knowledge to do it myself.

Even when that was done, I found it incredibly complicated to actually change any of the settings at the web host when I needed to.  I really wish that I had found Wealthy Affiliate at that time – it would have saved me so much cost, time and frustration!

At Wealthy Affiliate I Learned How To Do All That Myself!

I chose my niche – the main area and subject of my website – and my domain name,  and then I was ready to start building my website.

To see a demonstration of just how easy it it to build a website and install it on WordPress, in just 30 seconds, click here


how to build a free website



As you saw in the videos, Wealthy Affiliate will give you all the FREE help you need, including

  • Choosing your niche
  • Choosing your domain name

    free website with wordpress

  • FREE hosting for your domain
  • Building your website
  • Setting it up with WordPress
  • How to use WordPress
  • What information to put on your website is the web hosting within Wealthy Affiliate.  It offers so much more than other hosts:

  • FREE hosting
  • WordPress optimised servers – installs WordPress less than a minute!
  • The most secure hosting anywhere
  • Full redundancy

    build free website

  • Daily backups
  • 24/7  Support
  • Fully managed
  • Email & forwards
  • Site Health analysis
  •  Auto login
  • up to 25 FREE websites
  • Free SSL (Site Security)

As you saw in the video at the top, Wealthy Affiliate will give you all the FREE help you need, including

  • Choosing your niche
  • Choosing your domain name
  • FREE hosting for your website
  • Building your website
  • website
    get free website

    Setting it up with WordPressHow to use WordPress

  • What information to put on your site

The quality of the help that you get has no comparison anywhere. Every step that you need to take is set out for you clearly and simply in bite-sizes portions, frequently accompanied by a short video to illustrate exactly what you need to do in order to achieve each of your goals.

That is just a sample of what Wealthy Affiliate  gives you in just this one aspect of starting your business.

Here is a brief overview of the many things Wealthy Affiliate can offer you

FREE to join, and you will get

  • Help to choose your marketing niche if you don’t have one yet
  • Step by step help to build your own website – literally in minutes!  (Every business needs one!)
  • Help with traffic  (Every business needs traffic)
  • Help with monetising your website
  • Help with every aspect of online business that you will ever need
  • An amazing online community which is more than happy to offer help and advice to fellow members whenever they need it
  • Two levels of membership, Free and Premium, but which you choose is totally your choice.
  • Its a win-win situation – you just can’t lose

Once you join Wealthy Affiliate, you really will not know how you ever managed without it!

Not only is the help that is offered there unequalled anywhere else, but you will become part of the most helpful and friendly community of fellow business owners to be found anywhere.

Any questions that you ask will be almost instantly answered by other members, and you need never feel frustrated and overwhelmed, struggling to work things out for yourself!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact me using the comment box below. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I look forward to you becoming a part of the Wealthy Affiliate Team and connecting with you on the other side. To join Wealthy Affiliate FREE click here

See you soon


best ways to get free help starting business




If you have an questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact me using the comment box below.

I would love to hear from you, and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can 🙂


22 thoughts on “Website building FREE – and so Easy!”

  1. Hi I’ve spent years looking for a way to make money online this all sounds better than anything I have used before. I did something similar to you and it cost me £250 but I still couldn’t get my head around how to change things and the site didn’t look great at all. It also didn’t take 30 seconds lol, it was more of a CMS instead and there was no training or support they just take it that you know what your doing which doesn’t help beginners at all. Look forward to giving wealthy affiliate a try. Thats for sharing this great review, I just wish I had found this years ago.

    1. Hi Graham

      Thank you so much for your comments.

      Of course, there are other sites where you can build a website for free,
      but there the “free” part ends!!

      At Wealthy Affiliate your free website remains free, with great Support,
      and of course there is all the training to show you exactly what to do with it!

      I look forward to meeting you at Wealthy affiliate, and I am so happy that this
      review has helped you to find the right way to proceed now!

      Many thanks for dropping by.

      Chrissie 🙂

  2. I like easy! I’ve been struggling to make sense of hosting and websites and have been looking up different information to build up my website. It’s a little confusing. If I can do it in one place, that would be great as well. I don’t like having to sign up for something at multiple companies.

    I like that there’s a good amount of support. I like to have support that doesn’t make me wait days to get a response.

    If I can try it for free, I think that would allow me to test it out!

    Thanks for the details!

    1. Hi Cindy

      Yes, I really could not believe how easy it was, and I really wish that I had discovered Siterubix before I tried to make my first website, which I paid someone a good deal of money to do for me, yet I still had no idea what to do with it once I had it!!!

      And as you picked up, the Support is amazing, and the tuition within Wealthy Affiliate takes you through every step of building up and monetising a website. So, as you say, everything you need is in one place.

      And you definitely can try it out for free .

      So you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!! I am sure that you will like it as much as I do!

      Very many thanks for dropping by.

      Chrissie 🙂

  3. Hi Chrissie,

    I belong to a real estate blog community that gets lots of traffic and Google juice. However, we don’t own the website that hosts our blogs. Over the last few years, the real estate blog company has been purchased and sold several times. Each time, there has been some changes that have made me wonder if it is dangerous to rely on a blog that sits on a website that we don’t personally own.

    So, your discussion of WA above is very interesting. All of the training and help sound wonderful. Do we own the siterubix websites? Is siterubix part of the web address or can we select our own web address? Basically, I am trying to figure out how much control someone else has over my website.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Sondra

      The .siterubix websites belong to you for as long as you remain a member of Wealthy Affiliate, whether as a free or a paid member, and you will have no website hosting costs.

      Should you choose to become a Premium member, then you can choose to buy a .com website for a very small yearly fee, and again you may have it hosted for free on the Siterubix platform for as long as you remain a Wealthy Affiliate member. If you should ever leave Wealthy Affiliate, then you can arrange to have your website hosted somewhere else, but of course you would then have to pay the hosting fees.

      But you always have ultimate control over your websites.

      I hope that answers your question, but please do feel free to ask me anything else you would like to know.

      Many thanks for dropping by

      Chrissie 🙂

  4. This looks like a great place to start a new website. You said we can get help but how do we get help? Will I have to wait a long time for the answers?

    Also is the training hard to follow? I don’t know anything about coding so I’m wondering if I will able to learn from the training. Thank you for all your information.

    1. Hi Grace

      Wealthy Affiliate really is great place, and you will definitely not have to
      wait more than a few minutes before your questions will be answered,

      The training is simply laid out in easy-to-follow steps Each lesson gives you a few tasks
      which you can do to improve your website.

      You can also get help with coding if you wish – all you need to do is ask!!

      Very many thanks for your comments,

      Chrissie 🙂

  5. Hello there Chrissie,

    Wow, I find your article very motivating, especially as I am in the ‘market’ for creating an online presence.

    I have never heard about Wealthy Affiliate before and based on what you have written, as soon as I finish thanking you for taking the time to ‘introduce’us, I will be heading over to see more.

    I have heard horror stories about people trying to do things on their own and instead end up spending an arm and a leg and possibly giving up their first born!

    This organisation sounds like they provide all the basics in addition to educational resources. I am MORE than curious to learn more.

    Thanks for conversational piece and I will let you know how my search goes. Thank you for giving me a head start!

    Much success to you,

    1. Hi Michelle

      I am so happy that my article has motivated you to check out Wealthy Affiliate –
      I am sure that you will find that it is exactly what you have been looking for.

      I have also spent money in the “wrong” place in the past, and I bless the day I
      found Wealthy Affiliate!

      I look forward to meeting you there, and very many thanks for your comments,

      Chrissie 🙂

  6. Building a web site was one of the biggest reasons that I never perused starting an on line business. The task seemed so daunting. It looks like Wealthy Affiliate might be able to take the fear out of spinning my wheels. Do they really offer step by step instructions from start to finish? And is it as easy as it appears to be in your article? I hope so!

    1. Hi Joe

      You need never fear the task of building a website once you join
      Wealthy Affiliate – it really is as easy as I have said. There are indeed
      easy to follow step-by-step instructions for all that you need to do, and
      should you need additional help, that is always available too.

      The best of luck with your website, and many thanks for dropping by,

      Chrissie 🙂

  7. Hi Chrissie,

    I am just about to enter the online world and I have been looking at hosting and how to build a website. SiteRubix is ticking a lot of boxes for me. It looks like you get most things all under one roof and that makes things a lot easier for someone like me who has little technical skills. There is a minefield of information about how to drive traffic to your website and I got totally confused. The fact that you get help with this, is a big plus for me.

    Many thanks for this information


    1. Hi Sean

      You really could not pick a better hosting than Siterubix, and the owners
      continually strive to make it better and better!! Now they provide SSL
      (site security) totally free of charge too.

      I had absolutely ZERO technical knowledge, but I have been able to build this site,
      and my knowledge is continually increasing thanks to the training at Wealthy Affiliate

      Very many thanks for your comments, and the best of luck with your new website,

      Chrissie 🙂

  8. Hi Chrissy,
    I wish I knew about SiteRubix back in the days when I started to build websites. I remember spending hours and money to complete simple tasks. I had to purchase additional software and basically teach myself on how to integrate these tools into DreamWeaver without the fear of breaking my website!! Back then it was interesting as I’d just graduated as a Computer Programmer so wanted to get my hands dirty. Now, productivity is key for me. I want to be able to get my site up and running so that I can concentrate on the marketing side of things.
    It sounds like SiteRubix is the right tool for me – it has ticked all the right boxes. In fact, I like the idea that you also get help with how to monetize your site and help with driving traffic to it!! This sounds great!! With all the benefits you’ve outlined, I’ll definitely be checking out SiteRubix. Thanks for your review Chrissy!!

    1. Hi Jackie

      Yes, I wish I had discovered Siterubix sooner too! I would have saved so much money and heartache!!

      I really don’t think that you could go wrong if you choose Siterubix. It is a state of the art hosting platform with incomparable 24/7 Support, together, as you say, with all the training you need to really make your Business successful.

      I am very happy to hear that you will be checking it out, and I will watch out for you within Wealthy Affiliate!

      Very many thanks for your comments, and the best of luck with your business.

      Chrissie 🙂

  9. This looks easy, and comes with a lot of information on how I can make it work. Usually you have to pay thousand of dollar for that information, but here it’s free. Finally someone being nice to newbies, I like that.

    You mention that even hosting is for free, that’s a new one. Could you please give me some more info on that? I’m looking for a place where I can build larger parts of my site before I start marketing it, without being ruined while building. This sounds like a great place to do exactly that, so maybe I’ve finally found the golden website/hosting/training spot online?

    Hope to hear from you, this looks nice 🙂

    but, honestly; no catch?

    hear from you.

    1. Hi Odd Helge

      Yes, Siterubix hosting is free, and what is more, it is a “state of the art” hosting with 24/7 Support, and brilliant Support at that!!

      It is run by the owners and founders of Wealthy Affiliate where you will find all the training and help that you need.

      Free members get two free websites + hosting on the .Siterubix platform, and yes, you can do all the building you need to do there, and you can remain as a free member for as long as you like.

      Paid members ($49 per month or $359 per year) are able to host 25 .Siterubix websites and 25 .com websites all at no extra hosting costs – the only extra costs there would be the purchase of .com websites at around $10 to $14 per year. It is also possible to move any existing websites you may already have to the Siterubix platform, thus saving on any hosting costs you may have at present!

      To my mind, this is an incomparable and unique opportunity, and I am so very glad I found it! I do hope that you will feel the same.

      I do hope that this has answered your questions, and if you have any more, please feel free to ask me at any time!

      The best of luck

      Chrissie 🙂

  10. Wow, all the information I needed and laid out step by step. Sound likes everyone should join Wealthy Affiliates to build an audience generating, google rated, residual income producing website. Can I bring my existing website over to Wealthy Affiliates? What companies would be you be an affiliate for? Sounds like i’m 30 seconds away from jumping in and starting my online business. Great work, keep it up!

    1. Hi Greg, you are quite right, everyone in business should definitely join Wealthy Affiliate!
      Yes, you can bring your existing website over to Wealthy Affiliates as a Premium member – they offer the very best hosting and you will find anywhere, and you will be saving your present hosting fees as the hosting is Free!
      You can be an affiliate for any company you choose, including Wealthy Affiliate, and of course you will get all the help you need for that.
      I’m looking forward to seeing you there 🙂

  11. What are the hidden cost that you are not telling me about.they all say free at the beginning until you join then the coat start coming in.Please let me know. thank you.

    1. Hi Mary

      The website and the building ARE completely free, as is the training to show you how to build it.
      There is the option to join the Premium membership at a modest cost, but that is not essential –
      you will still be able to build your website and get it up and running with the free training provided.
      You will never be pressurised or made to feel uncomfortable if you choose to remain a free member.
      You really will not find any better training anywhere, I promise you.
      Please let me know if you have any more questions, I am always happy to help you.

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