What Is Positive Thinking About?

What Is Positive Thinking About?

What Is Positive Thinking About?

Did you know that Positive Thinking  is probably the most important asset in your everyday life.

It can make all the difference to your outlook on life, and to whether you succeed or fail in whatever you choose to do.

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JOB – Is It a Dirty Word to You?

Is JOB a dirty word to you?

I hate my job!

To many people today JOB is a dirty word!

It is a sad fact that the majority of people today actually HATE their jobs. If you are one of the few people who really enjoy your job, then you are very lucky.

It isn’t really very surprising that so many people do hate their jobs. Everything is so expensive nowadays. Yet wages and salaries just don’t keep up with the cost of living. Although everything costs more, far too often the amount you earn stays the same or even goes down. And this is just not fair, is it. Continue reading “JOB – Is It a Dirty Word to You?”