Owl or a Lark – Which Are You?

Are You An Owl Or A Lark?

 Owl or a Lark?


Whatever does that have to do with working from home online?

You would be surprised how relevant that is! Let me explain……

A Lark

owl or a lark?

A lark as you know is up at first light.

It is ready to face the day the instant it awakes.

It through all the daylight hours, but at night it returns to its nest to sleep until the dawn breaks again.

If you have a lark’s traits, then you too awaken early.

You are instantly ready to leap out of bed and get up and at the day. You have no problem in shaking off sleep and you are ready to take whatever the day is offering without the least desire to stay longer in bed.

owl or a lark?

You are alert and active and ready to go from the moment you waken.

So is this you?


An Owl

owl or a lark?

Again as you know, an  Owl is a night bird.

It sleeps during the daylight hours and is active all through the night.

You never see an owl in the daylight.

If you are a person with the the traits of an owl, you keep going late into the night. Often you will find that you can do your best work at night.

You are still wide awake when the “larks” have gone to bed, but the morning will find you still fast asleep with no wish whatever to attack the day! The alarm clock goes off for too soon for you!

owl or a lark

You find it really hard to get up and going – you just want to stay in bed and finish your sleeping because you were up so late the night before!

So is this you?

So Are You an Owl or a Lark?

So what?

I Still can’t see what that has to do with working from home online!

Really it has everything to do with it!

When you work from home, you have the freedom to work when you are at your most alert, whatever time of day that is.

There is no boss giving you warnings if you are late, or making you work late when you just want to go home and rest.

owl or a lark

You are your own boss!

You have the choice of when you want to work and when you don’t.

If you want to start work at the crack of dawn and stop early, then you can.

If you want to sleep late and then work into the night, the you can.

The choice is completely yours, and there is no one to criticise you whichever way you choose to work.

You have


owl or a larkto work whenever and whoever you choose, and also the freedom to choose when not to work! And then, it really doesn’t matter one scrap whether you are an owl or a lark!

That freedom is priceless!

So take the future into your own hands!

Choose to work from home.

Choose to be your own boss.

Choose to live your life the way you want on your own terms!

The Choice Is Yours!

If you feel that working from home Online is something that appeals you you, but you also feel that you need some help and support to do it, then you can find out how to get the very best possible help and support that you need by clicking here.

I do hope that you will make the right choice for you!

If you have any comments or opinions that you would like to share with me, or  if I can help you in any way, please do leave a comment in the box below.

Many thanks for dropping by,




owl or a lark

4 thoughts on “Owl or a Lark – Which Are You?”

  1. I think I am somewhere in between a lark and an owl because I also have a part-time day job to contend with. If I’m a bit tired from my day’s work, I just have to sleep right away after dinner and wake up early to do my online job. If I have to do some house chores in the morning, I tend to do my online job in the afternoon and throughout the evening but have to pause to cook our dinner in the late afternoon. So, you see I am both a lark and an owl. But what’s important is that you can manage your time wisely without having to worry about deadlines or a boss who is always looking at your back. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post, Chrissie.

    1. Thank you so much for your comments Adel. As you say, the joy of having an online job is that you can choose the time when it is best for you to work so that it fits in with the rest off your life. So whether you are a lark, an owl or a combination of both, that need never be a problem for you in any way! Personally, I am an owl, so I appreciate so much that there is no compulsion to get going early in the morning, and I tend to work best fairly late at night! The freedom to live your life in the way you choose is the greatest gift!

  2. Wow, I really love these comparisons! I guess I’m a combination between these 2, as I love to wake up late and work throughout the night, but I’m also familiar with waking up early, so it depends of the situation.
    But Yeah, it’s amazing that working from home gives you the possibility to have a perfect schedule, no matter if you’re an owl or a lark.
    I really loved how your put this 😀

    1. Hi Ashley

      Very many thanks for your helpful comments. I’m a total owl myself, so working from home is ideal for me!! Waking up for work was always a nightmare, but at least I got the worst part of the day over early!!


      Chrissie 🙂

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