What Is Positive Thinking About?

What Is Positive Thinking About?

What Is Positive Thinking About?

Did you know that Positive Thinking  is probably the most important asset in your everyday life.

It can make all the difference to your outlook on life, and to whether you succeed or fail in whatever you choose to do.

Think about those statements for a moment.

Think about the people you know, or know of, who are successful.

What do you think they all have in common?

Were they born successful?

Of course not!

Did they have success handed to them on a plate?

Highly unlikely!

Did they sit back and wait for success to find them?

Well, what do you think?

The one thing they all have in common is

A Positive Mindset and Positive Thinking


positiveWhat does this mean?


A positive mindset gives you the ability to take on challenges and be prepared to fail along the way without giving up.

It helps you to see that failure is merely part of the learning curve towards success.

Successful people have the positive energy to keep on trying until they do succeed. You could say that they snatch success out of the jaws of failure! They just keep on trying until they succeed – they never give up.

When you are a really positive person, your positivity shines through and will positively influence every part of your life, and those of the people with whom you come into contact.

Are you a positive person?


Here is an easy way to find out!

Look at this glass.

What do you see?

Is it half full or half empty?

Positive people see a glass that is half full.

Negative people tend to see a glass that is half empty.

And what do you say when people ask you how you are?

A Positive Person will answer, “Really good thanks,” however they are actually feeling. They do not want to bring the questioner “down”.

Just by saying that they feel really good, they will find that they actually do feel far better than they thought they did, and the person who asked them feels good too.

A Negative Person may well give you a list of their ailments and all the things that are wrong with their life.

Let’s face it, no-one actually wants to hear that. You will probably try your best to make them feel better, and maybe you will succeed a little, but you may well also wish that you hadn’t asked!

Negative People

People with a negative mindset suck the energy out of you until you can feel yourself descending to their level.

Think of the last time someone told you the tale of all their woes and problems.

You probably tried to encourage them to find a solution to those problems and to appreciate the good things in their lives.

Some people are sufficiently positive to take notice of you and to take your advice. But others are so negative that they find a reason why anything you say will not work for them.

How did that make you feel?

In all probability you felt exhausted after they had gone because you had spent so much energy trying to make them look on the bright side.

So which are you?

You will find life is so much better in every way when you are positive!

So What Is Positive Thinking About And What Does It Mean?

positivePositive Thinking is a mindset.

And it is a mindset that can be cultivated.

In other words, you can make yourself a positive person by the way that you think, by the things that you think and by the way that you talk to yourself!

When you have a problem, be very sure to think about the outcome that you want, and do not concentrate on the one you do not want.

Don’t even give the bad outcome mind space!! It really doesn’t deserve any time spent on it.

As it says at the very top of this post, Thoughts become Reality!

So always choose the good things to concentrate on.

Positive Self-Talk

We all have an inner dialogue going on in our brains for most of the time, don’t we?

Should I do this?

Should I do that?

How will it all work out?

Will I be able to do it?
We all have doubts and fears, but it is so important not to dwell on those negative thoughts!

Think of your mind as a garden which you need to cultivate.

The positive thoughts are like the beautiful flowers and plants which you want to grow and flourish.

The negative thoughts are the weeds which will choke the flowers unless you get rid of the – banish them! They need to be put out of your mind completely and never given the opportunity to grow!

Once those weeds are gone, your mind, like your garden, will be free to grow and flourish.

I make it a rule that if I ever find myself with a negative thought, then I immediately replace it with ten positive thoughts! That really works!

Never Underestimate The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

Most people probably do not even give their subconscious mind a thought.

But the subconscious is incredibly powerful – It has a mind of its own, as it were!

In the very simplest terms, the subconscious mind takes all of your thoughts absolutely literally, and then it acts upon them.

So if you think to yourself “I can do that”, then your subconscious mind will work with you to make that thing happen.

Conversely, if you think “I can’t do that”, then the reverse happens. Your subconscious mind will think that you don’t want that particular thing to happen, and it will make quite sure that it doesn’t happen!

That is why you need to be so careful about what thoughts you allow yourself to think

So does Positive Thinking really Work?

It most certainly does!

Let me give you a simple example of how it worked for me in my everyday life.

Some time ago I lived near a small market town which was very busy on the days when the market took place. So busy, in fact, that it was almost impossible to find an empty place in the car park, or parking lot.

As I approached the car park I would visualise the parking place that was waiting for me, and sure enough, I never failed to find a place to park my car! I believed that I would, and therefore I did!!

Another example of Positive Thinking in my own life, was when I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis at the tender age of just over thirty. I was advised to have an operation which would meld two of my vertebrae together – evidently that was supposed to help me in some way!
At that time I had three small children, one of whom was new-born, and I told the doctor in no uncertain terms that I had absolutely no time for operations and that I would not accept that Osteoporosis would affect me, and I completely banished the whole thing from my mind.

I was determined that I would have a positive outcome, and I did.

I subsequently had one more child, and apart from the merest twinge of back-ache, probably due to carrying around heavy toddlers, I had absolutely no more ill effects.

Truly I believe that if I had accepted that diagnosis and worried about it, that it would have had an effect on me throughout my life, but Positive Thinking and a Positive Mindset saved me and changed my life for good!

The best way to cultivate this mindset ……

Is to surround yourself with people who will encourage you in all that you try to do. If you come across problems, they will always try to lift you up and show you a way forward.

And make sure that your subconscious mind always works for you and not against you!
So try to avoid negative people as much as you can and concentrate on being with your positive friends and associates.

Can Positive Thinking  Help Your Businesswhat is positive thinking about Too?

So can Positive Thinking help your Business?


If you visualise the success of your business, and completely dismiss and eliminate any thoughts of failure, that can do nothing but help.

There are after all very few, if any, successful entrepreneurs!

But of course there are other ways in which you can really help your business too. As I said, you need to mix with positive people!

I belong to an amazing community of positive, like-minded people who are all in business and who help and encourage fellow members whenever they need it. You will not find a more positive minded community anywhere.

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There really is nothing to compare with this training and community anywhere in the online world. I cannot recommend it highly enough!

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If you have any comments or questions I should love to hear from you. Please leave them in the Comments box and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

So here’s to your life of Positive Thinking!

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