Is It Worth Buying Macbook Pro Laptops? Check This Before You Buy…

Is It Worth Buying  Macbook Pro Laptops? 

Before I answer the question “Is it worth buying Macbook Pro Laptops?”, I must admit to having a bias here! I just love Apple products!

After many years of using PCs and other makes of laptop, I decided to buy a Macbook Pro, and I have never looked back! If you are looking for a new laptop to usr for your Online Business, or for general use at home, or both, you quite simply could not do better than to buy a Macbook Pro!

Of course, you will hear people say that Mac laptops are too expensive. But when they say that, they are comparing them to the price of bog-standard laptops, and MacBook Pros are very far from that. Such people simply are not comparing like with like!

Of course, if you are just looking for the cheapest laptop possible, then MacBook Pros probably are not for you. But do remember that you get what you pay for, and with cheap laptops don’t forget the saying “Buy cheap, but twice”!!!

But First Let’s Look At The Facts

Macbook Pros, in fact, all Apple laptops are made with a strong aluminium shell which is far sturdier and less liable to impact damage than the plastic ones frequently found on other laptops. And there can be no doubt that the appearance of them is much more aesthetically pleasing than any other laptop!

The specifications include:
  •  4th generation Intel Core i5
  • 4GB RAM, 256GB
  • Long battery life, up to 12 hours
  • Weight under 1.5Kg
  • 2 Thunderbolt Slots
  • 2 USB Slots
  • HDMI Slot
  • SDXC Card Slot
  • Headphone Slot
  • OSX operating system which is faster and more reliable than Windows.
  • Backlit Keyboard with adjustable lighting
  • Smooth operating keys

These all add up to a great user experience, and I hope that the things mentioned so far will answer the question “Is it worth buying a Macbook Pro?”

But there is so much more!

Built In Apps

These are almost too numerous to mention, but I will do my best!!

As the Apple site says:

“Every Mac comes with a collection of great apps for things you do every day, like Safari for surfing the web, Photos for managing your photos and videos, Pages for creating documents, Numbers for making spreadsheets and Keynote for preparing presentations. There are apps for sending email and text messages, taking notes, and staying up to date with your contacts and calendar. It even comes with the Mac App Store for finding new apps. Your Mac is more than fully featured, it’s fully loaded!

is it worth buying macbook pro

is it worth buying macbook pro



The Photos App is just quite simply superb! Not only does it have a comprehensive editing suite which is easy to use, and where you can edit your photos just like a professional would do, but it makes it very easy to store your photos and videos in a number of ways. You can store them in folders according to date, or location of shots, or group photos of special occasions together, or even find them by clicking on the faces of the people you are searching for, and you are provided with a number of different ways to share your photos.

There is also an app called “Preview”, which gives you further ways to edit your photos, which include resizing and annotating, amongst others.

is it worth buying macbook pro


iMovie gives you the power to edit all your home videos, and if you wish,put several of your video clips together to make a great movie or a Hollywood style trailer, and it gives you several options to share and view them.

With is it worth buying macbook proit is very easy to create and record your own music, with a Sound Library of instruments and loops and even a virtual drummer, and of course you can record your own songs and instruments at the same time, so that if you want to make your own hit single and release it, you are able to do so!!

is it worth buying macbook prois it worth buying macbook pro

is it worth buying macbook pro


These three make up your Office Suite, and are every bit as good as Word, Excel and Powerpoint, the Microsoft Office suite. And of course they are all already installed on you Macbook Pro.

is it worth buying macbook pro

Safari really is the best browsing tool I have ever used. It is definitely the best, the fastest and the most secure browser for surfing the web. One of the best things about it is the built in privacy feature, so you cannot be tracked as you surf the web, and you do not get any of those annoying pop-up ads which occur far too often with other browsers. You have the ability to set your privacy settings just as you choose.

With the many problems which people have experienced with the new Windows 10, I for one appreciate Safari even more. I have never had any problem with any kind of virus or malware on my Mac in the four years which I have had it. Safari will never update anything on your Mac without first asking you if you want it, unlike Windows users who had updates forced upon them!

There are also features like the Launcher  which helps you to find all of the apps which you may have downloaded from the App Store, and the Spotlight tool and Finder which enable you to find whatever you have saved on your laptop.

So is it worth buying Macbook Pro Laptops?

Absolutely, without a single doubt!

But wait, there’s more!!

One of the many things I really love about Apple products is that they “talk” to each other! What do I mean? Well, when you have Bluetooth enabled on your devices, you find that whatever you have done on one device will appear on the other(s).

For example, when you have taken photos on your iPhone, they will be there on your laptop too. And if you have made notes on your laptop, they are also on your iPhone ready to refer to when you are out and about. I think that is a really great advantage.

There are of course other Apple laptops available, and you will definitely not be disappointed whatever model you choose!


Apple Support is incomparable. Apart from the normal guarantees which you get with every product, the support and help which is available from Apple online is just great. There is a great number of “Help” topics which you can find, and they also offer live chat and telephone support.

But even better is the support and help which you can get from the large number of Apple Stores around the country. It doesn’t matter you purchased your device, if you go into the Apple Store the brilliant guys at the Genius Bar will help you. And I promise you, it is not called the “Genius” Bar for nothing. In fact it seems that there is hardly anything which they cannot do. They can fix the vast majority of problem on the spot, and they all not charge you unless they have to replace any parts, which is not very often! MacBooks Pros are built to last, and they do!!

Help To Use Your Mac

The Apple Stores have even more to offer.

Not only will they help you to set up your Macbook Pro or any other Apple device you may have, they offer free training sessions 0n every aspect os using your Mac, from getting to grips with the Pages, Numbers and Keyword apps which make up the office suite to help with using Photos and iMovie and Garageband, where they give you detailed help with using all the features, or any other feature with which you need help. The tutors are all experts in using Apple products, and have avast amount ok knowledge to share with you. I have benefitted greatly from all this courses, and I can thoroughly recommend them.

And of course, there is also very detailed help and training online if you cannot get the the Stores.

So is it worth buying  Macbook Pro Laptops ?

Well what do you think?

So with such an outstanding product, outstanding Support and outstanding reliability with little or no maintenance costs it is more than worth the money it costs. You would have to pay for most of the features on any other laptop, whereas all these come as part of the deal! If you take those things into consideration, then a Macbook Pro laptop works out cheaper than any other laptop with similar specs.

It is also possible to buy refurbished Macbook Pros which are obviously cheaper, but you can still rely on them absolutely. When Apple refurbish a device, they do it thoroughly!

And if the time comes when you should need to sell your laptop, bear in mind that Macbook Pros keep their value better than any other laptop!

My Independent Opinion

Lastly, I should like to state that this is my own independent opinion – no one has paid me to write this.  This is based on all my own experience and research, with the exception of where I have quoted from the Apple website and stated that I have done so.

There are even more features in the newest laptops, they just get better and better, but as I have not tried those newer features, I did not feel that I was qualified to write about them!

So I hope that when you are ready to buy a new laptop, you will definitely ask yourself is it worth buying Macbook Pro, and I’m sure that you will agree that it definitely is!

Many thanks for reading this, and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them in the box below.

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8 thoughts on “Is It Worth Buying Macbook Pro Laptops? Check This Before You Buy…”

  1. Hi Chrissie,
    I am looking at getting a new computer but not a laptop. But I imagine all these features come with a standard MAC desktop computer as well? I do think Apple is quite pricey but you are probably right, you end up paying for 2 others! When I do decide to buy I will definitely keep my options open as I do love how Apple products sync together and my iphone 6 plus, well I just love!!! Great information on this product so thanks for that.
    Cheers, Sharon

    1. Hi Sharon

      Yes, you will find all those features on any Mac computer.

      Apple products do come at a premium, but the extra features which you get,
      including the training and security, make it well worth the extra in my
      opinion. And as you say, the syncing with other Apple products is almost

      And if you compare Apple computers with any other computer of similar spec,
      there really is not that much difference.

      If you decide to b ut an Apple computer, I am sure you will never regret it –
      I certainly never have!!

      Very many thanks for your comments,

      Chrissie 🙂

  2. Hi Chrissie,
    I am looking at getting a new computer but not a laptop. But I imagine all these features come with a standard MAC desktop computer as well? I do think Apple is quite pricey but you are probably right, you end up paying for 2 others! When I do decide to buy I will definitely keep my options open as I do love how Apple products sync together and my iphone 6 plus, well I just love!!! Great information on this product so thanks for that.
    Cheers, Sharon

    1. Hi Sharon

      If you want to get a desk-top computer, you really could not do better than get an I-Mac, and yes, of course it comes with all the features you would find on a laptop.

      I have to admit to being an Apple addict, but I have used other computers before my Mac, and I have no doubt at all that Macs are far better in my opinion, for all the reasons that I have stated above.

      I am sure that you will be as happy with your Mac as I am!!

      Many thanks for your comment

      Chrissie 🙂

  3. Chrissie, I can feel that you are a Mac fan, as I am, too. For me, it is no question to save the money to buy a Mac. I bought MacBookPro with huge screen 2009 and it opened me up to enjoying to work on a computer.
    The illuminated screen excited me and I could stay outside in the warm summer nights without disturbing lights. And then, when I hear my husband swear about his cheaper windows laptop, I chuckle because he has problems which on Mac you just don’t have. There are some, now, with the newer operating systems, some of the features which before worked super well, now don’t as well any more. It is a shame, BUT never an argument against Mac, especially a MacBook!

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more Heidi! For me there is no other acceptable alternative. And the training which is available free at Apple Stores has helped me so much. There is no other make which offers such comprehensive training, and will also answer any questions which you need to ask about it, and provide solutions to any problems!
      The Genius Bar is amazing too: I have used it several times and have never yet had to pay a penny for that help! I would recommend it to anyone, worth every penny!!
      Many thanks for dropping by Heidi
      Chrissie 🙂

  4. A lot of my writer friends have been telling me I had to get a MacBook pro laptop. And, honestly, I think Apple is far ahead of its time and always has been.

    For me, it all about ease of use. This is the clincher for me. The MacBook pro anticipates the most intuitive way to interact with the laptop. That’s the biggest reason I want a MacBook Pro.

    1. I absolutely agree with you Gary, the Macbook Pro is so easy to use, and it is also so easy to get help with its use should you need it. The Support is second to none. And as you say, Apple is way ahead of any competitors.

      Many thanks for your comment

      Chrissie 🙂

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