Is Lie Detector Millionaire a Scam?

Lie Detector Millionaire

Is Lie Detector Millionaire A Scam?

What is Lie Detector Millionaire?

Lie Detector TestA Good question!! The other day I received an email, which was not classed as Junk by the way, inviting me to watch a video. Nothing new there then!

The “blurb” accompanying the email explained that the author was “sick and tired” of the internet gurus who promised the earth and provided
nothing but disappointment and loss of investments!   He assured the reader that he wanted to make amends for having scammed people himself in the past by offering a way to earn considerable amounts of money for no outlay!!

He stated that he had actually taken a lie detector test which affirmed that he was telling the truth about this “opportunity” and he claimed that he had made huge amounts of money with it during the past year!

He went on to say that he was sick of videos with actors pretending to
be millionaires, and showing their fake “millionaire” lifestyles with huge mansions and prestigious cars.

How would the money be earned?

This method is based on a Forex robot software system which it claims can run trades on Binary Options many times a day, and allegedly there
has not been a losing trade made by it in the last eighteen months! It is supposed to work with the help of Trader X who is evidently the broker involved, but of course chooses to be anonymous!

Thus it should be possible to earn large sums of money every day!

Scam Alert!

My “Scam antennae” rose up!!

I know that there has been a number of Forex trading scams recently, and it began to be apparent that this was just one more,

This guy, whose name is Daniel Wilkins, was doing exactly what he professed to dislike most of all!

  • He was claiming that ANYONE could make big money with his scheme.
  • He was driving around in an expensive car whist he was talking.
  • He showed the huge expensive house where he claimed to live.
  • In short, he was displaying the millionaire lifestyle and claiming that it was so easy for anyone to have the same!
  • He promised that the scheme he was offering was completely free to join, and that there was no risk! He even guaranteed that if for any reason
    you were not successful, then you would get your initial investment back! That initial investment had to be at least $250!
  • The element of haste was encouraged by the statement that there were only 50 places left to be filled, and so if you did not act quickly you would be too late!
So Who Is Daniel Wilkins?

A very good question!

Of course, I immediately looked online for reviews of the Lie Detector Millionaire System!

That really is basic common sense! It is vitally important to thoroughly check out any business which you are even just considering joining!

But do be very careful when doing a Google search that you don’t just look at the top search results!

I found that the top three results were all sites which stated definitely that this was a genuine opportunity, and definitely not a scam!! These scammers are very clever, and they make sure that there are good reviews at the top of Google searches!

However, when I looked further down the results it began to get interesting! It appears that Daniel Wilkins has no online presence at all. He does not appear on any social media sites, which is unthinkable if he were actually the millionaire that he claims to be.

In fact, he does not exist at all, and is a very convincing actor, as is his so-called partner Jonas Kane, who similarly does not exist!

As for the so-called investors who are claiming to have made money in the system, they are also fake. In fact one of them has been recognised as someone who has claimed to have made money on other fake systems!

And as for the lie detector test, all you actually see is the actor playing Daniel Wilkins with wires attached to him, and part of a person masquerading as a lie detector operator who asks a few questions.

The questioner then later on reveals the “results” of the test. He gets away with this because although almost everyone has heard about lie detectors, very few people know anything about them!

I’m sorry to say that the whole thing does sound at least plausible; probably enough to convince anyone who really wanted to be convinced to at least give Lie Detector Millionaire a try!

I must confess that I did put in my email and phone number, and almost immediately I got a number of phone calls from numbers all over the place that I did not recognise.

I did not answer any of them!

From my research, I had found out that this is exactly what happens when people sign up – they are bombarded with phone calls asking them to open accounts with the broker who then asks for increasing amounts of money.

I also found comments from distraught people who said that they had lost all the money they had invested and had not so far managed to get any of it back, despite the “guarantee” that was made to them.

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True…..

Then it probably is!

In fact, in my opinion there is no doubt at all that Lie Detector Millionaire is a BIG FAT

Lie Detector Millionaire

Of course, that is just my opinion, and you must make up your own mind, but I would be very interested to hear from anyone who knows differently.

The plain truth is that there just is no way that anyone can make vast sums of money online in a very short time. It takes work and persistence, and you need to know exactly how to go about it. Be very wary of anyone who tells you otherwise.

If you would really like to find out how to go about making legitimate money online, here is my Number 1 Recommendation:

At Wealthy Affiliate you will get the very best possible training to learn the right way to build an online business, and get all the help you need, in a totally scam-free environment.

So join me there for free, and I will contact you almost immediately to show you the way around and help you to get started on a really amazing journey to your new online business! I am really looking forward to meeting you there.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the box below, and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this.

Speak soon

Lie Detector Millionaire




UPDATE  June 5th 2016

Lie Detector Millionaire

Today I received an email telling me that my “position” as a beta tester for Lie Detector Millionaire would be given to someone else if I did not action it within 24 hours! No chance of that of course!

They also stated that they plan to release their  software in 2017-2018 for a price of $25,000+!! I sincerely hope that they will not be around by then!


8 thoughts on “Is Lie Detector Millionaire a Scam?”

  1. Success can truly be more than just a mindset. Success can be a reality that you may be living in the future if you only know how and what to do to achieve it.

    As such, this article can help anyone o being aware of the different sites that are only parasitic. In the online realm, as one tries hard and works hard to be successful and such, it couldn’t be denied that there can be a lot of scams that are lurking in the shadows.

    By reading your article, a lot of people can be enlightened of the site where t s certain that you cannot encounter any scam, and that is through Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. I do so agree with you, and with what you say about Wealthy Affiliate, it truly is an amazing place to learn.

      Very many thanks for your comments 🙂

  2. Gurus are everywhere and people who are over enthusiastic over the posibility that can make thousands per hour are the usual victims. As you suggest we should always search the internet before going into money giving decisions.

    1. Many thanks for your comments George. As you say, it is vitally important to do your “due diligence” and find out as much as possible about any so-called opportunity before parting with any money, and it is very unlikely that any scheme which appears to offer great riches as this one does, is anything but a scam!

  3. Hi Chrissie!

    What a great site that you have here. Funny how these scams only become more convincing by the day. Then they have the audacity to claim that they won’t scam the reader in this or that way! Lying brood of evil monsters…

    Thanks for caring so much for your readership. It is not nice to fall prey to these scams and burn your hard-earned money for nothing. Keep up this review culture!

    1. Thank you so much Ronald.

      Yes it is infuriating that the scammers always seem to be able to up their game and find ways of being more convincing to those people who are naive enough to want to believe them, and a lot of us have been there haven’t we?

      So it is so important that as many people as possible are alerted to these scams by digging deep and “outing” them!

  4. Scam Alert for sure!

    Isn’t it amazing that the “Millionaire Gurus” all can make us “Millionaire Gurus” overnight as well.

    I love that you specify when doing a Google search to not trust the top spots because those that are internet savvy can get good search results and even PPC to have theirs show up first.

    Thank you Chrissie for calling out this scam and also for letting us know that neither Daniel Wilkins nor Jonas Kane even exist. I am also of the belief that if someone isn’t in the public with social accounts that they can’t be trusted.

    I took your advice for the legitimate way to earn inline Chrissie and I thank you for sharing,


    1. Very many thanks for your comments Tony.

      It is a pity that more people do not realise that these so-called gurus really have no interest whatsoever in anything that does not line their own pockets, and have no desire to help the average person! Obviously there is one of these “gurus” behind this scam.

      I am very happy that you have not been caught by these scammers and that you have taken advantage of finding the legitimate and best way to earn online.

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