Siterubix Website Hosting Service – A Review

SITERUBIX  Website Hosting Service 


Overall Ranking:  99/100
Price: FREE for Wealthy Affiliate members
Owners: Kyle and Carson


Siterubix is a FREE website hosting service, and so much more!

Every other hosting service I have come across requires you to purchase a website from them. Then you must pay them for hosting it (typically well in excess of $10/month).

They then leave you to figure out how to use it.  That can prove to be very complicated, especially for beginners. If you are new to building a website, you may feel that you need to find outside help.  That  can be costly, often in excess of $297 just to build the website, and you will not be given any help as to how to use it.

Siterubix dispenses with all that angst. Users are helped with the choice of a domain name, and with building it on to WordPress.

WordPress is the first choice of the majority of marketers. The building can be done quite literally in less than a minute!

If that does not sound possible to you, then watch the video on my post Website Building Free- And So Easy


  • WordPress optimized servers
  • The most secure hosting anywhere
  • 27/7 Support
  • Full redundancy
  • Daily backups
  • 24/7 website monitoring
  • Fully managed
  • Email & forwards
  • Site Health analyzing
  • Website auto login
  • You can have free .Siterubix websites, or you can purchase your own .com domains – all can be hosted FREE at Wealthy Affiliate.
  • AND as of 2017, every Siterubix hosted Website comes with a free SSL certificate, and this means that they come with the prefix HTTPS. The stands for Secure, which makes the Website more trusted. To find out more about this, read what Carson, the co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate, has to say about it here.
  • The owners of Siterubix, Kyle and Carson, and their team of technical experts are continually making improvements to the Siterubix platform.
  • You can read Kyle’s perspective on Hosting, together with some price comparisons here


  • You need to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate in order to use Siterubix.
  • Membership is FREE. You will get help with everything you need to know in order build a successful website. So this hardly counts as a con!


Siterubix is for Everyone, regardless of experience.


All the training and tools which you need to build a website are included within Wealthy Affiliate.


There is full Support 24 hours a day, and the Support is second to none. Users also have the ability to ask questions about anything within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

PRICE websites are FREE to members of Wealthy Affiliate.

Premium members of Wealthy Affiliate may purchase a .com domain at a cost of around $13/year with  FREE hosting.

Get your FREE  website here



There is no other website hosting to compare with what is offered by Siterubix.

I personally would never consider going anywhere else for hosting.

I cannot recommend it too highly.

Wealthy Affiliate

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4 thoughts on “Siterubix Website Hosting Service – A Review”

  1. Awesome review of It’s amazing how an essential part of online businesses (web hosting) can be this convenient and cheap. Sometimes, these are the things that are usually overlooked by online entrepreneurs. If they want their businesses to really flourish, one must really pay attention to small details such as their website speed and performance, usability and etc. And SiteRubix delivers them all in a very convenient way through Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. I agree Dredd. I had a website hosted elsewhere, and apart from costing me much more,
      it was much more difficult to manage than Siterubix, which makes everything so much more easy.
      Using it is a no-brainer to me!
      Very many thanks for your comments 🙂

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