Working From Home Online

Advantages of Working from Home Online

There are many advantages to working from home online.

The beauty of it is that you have the freedom to work anywhere you like as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection. No more being chained to a desk, you can be your own boss!

You can choose where you want to work, you can choose when you want to work, and, when you are working at something which you really enjoy, it really doesn’t seem like work at all! those are just some of the many advantages to working at home.

working from home
work anywhere

But it is very important that…

  • You know what you want to do
  • You have self-motivation and/or someone/something that will motivate you – a “WHY
  • You can get help where you need it
  • You have a dream – you know where you want to be
working from home
work anywhere!

Why Do You Want To Work From Home Online?

  • Maybe you are a student who needs to fund your education
  • Maybe you need to be at home with your children
  • Maybe you want to earn extra money for a better life for your family
  • Maybe you have tried in vain to get a job
  • Maybe you been made redundant
  • Maybe you want to save for your retirement or are already retired and need to supplement your pension
  • In fact, anyone who really wants to can work from home

How to start working from home online

working from home
working from home online

There are basically four steps that you need to do to get started in online business

1.    Choose your niche

There is an almost infinite variety of niches to choose from, so the choice of niche can look like a problem although it is really deceptive simple. Choose something which is of the greatest interest to you, possibly something connected to one of your hobbies or something you feel a passion for. For example, if your main hobby is photography, or maybe you have been trying to lose weight for years and would like to help others to do so,  then maybe one of those niches would be a good one for you.

You are more likely to be successful if you choose something in which you have a real interest.

2.   Build a website

I can almost hear you saying “I couldn’t possibly do that – I have no idea how!” Don’t panic! it is very simple to build your own beautiful fully functional website in less time than you have just spent panicking!! There you can share your interest  by writing and reviewing and discussing everything to do with your chosen topic. Your website will be the basis of your business where you will be able to showcase every aspect of your niche.

3.    Attract visitors to your website

That is the aim you have been building up to. In order to build your business successfully you need people to visit your website, i.e. traffic. There are many ways to attract traffic and I will be sharing those with you and helping you.

4.    Start marketing

Once you have your traffic then you can choose how you use it. A very good way first step here is to sign up to a free affiliate program – you will find one of those in just about every niche.  Then you simply direct your visitors to their site and they will pay you to do so. Of course, there are very many other methods of marketing which I will help you to discover.

What are the main challenges to working from home online?

  • It can be difficult to know where to start
  • There are so many things you need to do, and it is very important to do them in the right order
  • You can feel isolated working at home online all by yourself
  • You need to know where you can go to get help

I have a solution to all of these problems right here on this website:


working from home


What is Wealthy Affiliate? Click here for a very short video overview of Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam or a hyped up program that is always reaching for YOUR wallet. Instead Wealthy Affiliate GIVES you the following:

  • FREE to join
  • Help to choose your marketing niche if you don’t have one yet
  • Step by step help to build your own website – literally in minutes!  (Every business needs a website!)
  • Help with traffic  (Every business needs traffic to attract visitors to their website)
  • Help with monetising your website
  • Help with every aspect of online business that you will ever need
  • An amazing online community which is more than happy to offer help and advice to fellow members whenever they need it
  • Two levels of membership, Free and Premium, but which you choose is totally your choice.
  • Its a win-win situation – you just can’t lose!

 Click here to learn more

Of course, if you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear them and I will do my best to answer them. Just leave them in the comment box below.

See you soon





working from home


4 thoughts on “Working From Home Online”

  1. This post certainly rings true on a number of points. I want to work anywhere that I can take my laptop. It sounds like this will give me a lot of freedom, rather travelling to the same workplace day after day.

    I have already begun my affiliate marketing journey. I have chosen a niche and have started in my site. I would though like some suggestions please how to attract visitors? This area of marketing I think I really need some help with?

    1. Hi Owain

      Yes, working from home definitely gives you much more freedom.

      If you are just starting I would definitely suggest that you concentrate on free advertising, using Social Media. There is lots of training on how to do this, and on just about every topic you could need, within Wealthy Affiliate; I definitely could not have managed without it!

      Many thanks for your comments

      Chrissie 🙂

  2. I love the way you laid everything out in this section of your site. Everything led up to your Wealthy Affiliate review section so that is fantastic. You build up trust in the beginning of the article so that the person reading really trusts that you are going to give them good information about how to get started, and you definitely do. Great job!

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