What Is A WordPress Widget For? How Is It Used?

What Is A WordPress Widget For?

You need to know what is a WordPress widget for when you are building your website.

Widgets!! What on earth have they to do with WordPress?!?

Before I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I thought that a widget was something which was found at the bottom of a beer can!!

But what is a WordPress widget?

For along time I had absolutely no idea, I had just heard of them! They were a foreign country to me. I should have learnt what they were through the brilliant trainings at Wealthy Affiliate, but they sounded just too complicated to me, so I put that training on one side.

Big mistake!! They can do so much to improve the appearance and efficient working of  your website. So I finally bit the bullet and knuckled down to try to understand them!

In very simple terms, widgets are used to put text and images into the sidebars and the bottom of your site, amongst other things.

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Is It Worth Buying Macbook Pro Laptops? Check This Before You Buy…

Is It Worth Buying  Macbook Pro Laptops? 

Before I answer the question “Is it worth buying Macbook Pro Laptops?”, I must admit to having a bias here! I just love Apple products!

After many years of using PCs and other makes of laptop, I decided to buy a Macbook Pro, and I have never looked back! If you are looking for a new laptop to usr for your Online Business, or for general use at home, or both, you quite simply could not do better than to buy a Macbook Pro!

Of course, you will hear people say that Mac laptops are too expensive. But when they say that, they are comparing them to the price of bog-standard laptops, and MacBook Pros are very far from that. Such people simply are not comparing like with like!

Of course, if you are just looking for the cheapest laptop possible, then MacBook Pros probably are not for you. But do remember that you get what you pay for, and with cheap laptops don’t forget the saying “Buy cheap, but twice”!!!

But First Let’s Look At The Facts

Macbook Pros, in fact, all Apple laptops are made with a strong aluminium shell which is far sturdier and less liable to impact damage than the plastic ones frequently found on other laptops. And there can be no doubt that the appearance of them is much more aesthetically pleasing than any other laptop!

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Insider Success, Is it a Scam? Find Out More Here…..

Insider Success – Is It A Scam?

Yesterday I received an “invitation’ to watch the pre-launch video for Insider Success. Is it a scam?

Well, to be absolutely fair, it is possibly too early to state the answer to is it a scam categorically. But as it involves Jason McClain of Project Breakthrough and High Traffic Academy fame (or is it infamy?) I do have very serious doubts about it. You can see my review of Project Breakthrough here

The fact that more than one of Jason McClain’s many successful businesses, of which he boasts, have been in partnership with Vick Strizheus definitely multiplies my doubts. There is very little doubt that Project Breakthrough is a scam, so why should Insider Success be any different?

So Is it A Scam?

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Is Lie Detector Millionaire a Scam?

Is Lie Detector Millionaire A Scam?

What is Lie Detector Millionaire?

Lie Detector TestA Good question!! The other day I received an email, which was not classed as Junk by the way, inviting me to watch a video. Nothing new there then!

The “blurb” accompanying the email explained that the author was “sick and tired” of the internet gurus who promised the earth and provided
nothing but disappointment and loss of investments!   He assured the reader that he wanted to make amends for having scammed people himself in the past by offering a way to earn considerable amounts of money for no outlay!!

He stated that he had actually taken a lie detector test which affirmed that he was telling the truth about this “opportunity” and he claimed that he had made huge amounts of money with it during the past year!

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