Insider Success, Is it a Scam? Find Out More Here…..

is it a scam?

Insider Success – Is It A Scam?

Yesterday I received an “invitation’ to watch the pre-launch video for Insider Success. Is it a scam?

Well, to be absolutely fair, it is possibly too early to state the answer to is it a scam categorically. But as it involves Jason McClain of Project Breakthrough and High Traffic Academy fame (or is it infamy?) I do have very serious doubts about it. You can see my review of Project Breakthrough here

The fact that more than one of Jason McClain’s many successful businesses, of which he boasts, have been in partnership with Vick Strizheus definitely multiplies my doubts. There is very little doubt that Project Breakthrough is a scam, so why should Insider Success be any different?

So Is it A Scam?

It cannot be denied that Jason McClain is a very convincing speaker.

He promises to help every person who joins him to achieve a six figure income, and asks them to dedicate at least a year of their time to learn with him.

He promises individual, customised training, allowing each of his participants to continue from the point at which they are at present.

He promises that they will have personal access to him and he will answer all their questions. I can tell you that in Project Breakthrough questions were never answered!! Maybe this will be different, maybe not.

He claims that he has had enough of gurus who promise the earth and give very little.

He never states how much he will charge for his training,as he says that charge will be “customised” for each individual. But there is a $100 charge to be even considered for it, and he says that not everyone will be accepted, as there are only fifty of what he calls “Pioneer” places available!

These are the requirements to join:

is it a scam





Scam Alerts

  • Promises that large amounts of money can be made.
  • Money demanded before anyone has the chance to look at the training
  • The $100 is non-refundable.
  • There will be considerably more money to pay out.
  • “Scarcity value” is introduced by stating there are only a few places.
  • It sounds too good to be true!
Who is Jason McClain?

This is a summary which Jason McClain wrote about himself on Linkedin:

A true entrepreneur with a strong understanding of technology, creativity, marketing, sales and online strategy.

With a broad experience in all aspects of the web as it relates revenue channels, marketing solutions, technological advances and cutting edge technologies, I enjoy developing new concepts and virtual ideas that have a global impact.

Whether it be a start up for an online community or establishing new technology for a vending business, bringing all of my talents together to develop a strategy is what I enjoy the most.”

He claims to have spent 50,000 hours working in the online space over 20 years, and to have founded nine companies. He calls himself a serial entrepreneur.

It is interesting to note that in the list of his companies on Linkedin, Project Breakthrough which he co-founded with Vick Strizheus,who has actually been indicted for fraud and is forbidden to practice in some states in the USA, is conspicuous by its absence. But High Traffic Academy, which they also co-founded, is mentioned.

To be completely fair, I have only come across Jason McClain with regard to those two companies, and I do not personally have any experience of him in regard to his other companies.

Would I recommend joining Insider Success?

Is it a scam? As Insider Success is brand new online, there is just not enough information about it to state definitively that it is a scam.

But of one thing you may be sure – it is only for people who are prepared to invest a good deal of money into it.

I saw many comments on the live chat from people who were very enthusiastic, and I do fear for them, many seemed to be quite carried away! Of course you must make up your own mind about it, but my very best advice to anyone who may be considering joining Insider Success, is to at least hold back for a while and watch how it develops.

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There Is A Much Better Alternative!

I so wished that I could contact these people and tell them about a much better alternative which would provide them with the very best training on all aspects of Online Marketing, including free website building and great support, and is completely FREE to join!

See my review of Wealthy Affiliate here

No credit card is needed to join and look around to see if it would be a good fit for you. There are two levels of membership, FREE and PREMIUM, but with the free membership you will get sufficient training to build your website and learn how to use it.

Click here to join for Free.

This is what you will get:

is it a scam?

That is it – you will never be asked for more money!!

There is no doubt at all that this is the very best training you will find anywhere!

When you join, I will contact you very soon and help you to find your way around, and I very much look forward to meeting you on the inside.

Many thanks for reading this, and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them in the box below and I will be happy to answer you as soon as I can.

Kind regards

Lie Detector Millionaire

2 thoughts on “Insider Success, Is it a Scam? Find Out More Here…..”

  1. Thanks for the heads up! I’m glad you included the list of “scam alerts” – I will remember these in the future as I come across advertising for new programs like this! Have you ever been victim of a scam? I’ve come scarily close – never again!

    1. Hi Kenzie
      I have sadly been a victim of one of the scams I have written about, Dubli.
      I also joined Project Breakthrough as they made it sound so good!! But I saw
      the light and never parted with any money there!!
      So I really want to try to help other people know how to spot scams and
      not fall victim to them!
      Wealthy Affiliate has shown me the right way to do everything online, and I
      really want to share that with as many people as possible.
      Many thanks for your comment
      Chrissie 🙂

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